Current Issue (Volume 8 Issue 3)

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Fatal Coronary Air Embolism during Positive Pressure Ventilation

Authors: Zahidi HA*, Badaoui B, Arous S, Bennouna G and Habbal R


Case Report

Percutaneous Therapy of Functional Interrupted Aortic Arch with 3-1 Dimensional Printing Guidance

Authors: Mao Y, Li L, Zhai M, Ma Y, Jin P, Liu Y* and Yang J*


Research Article

Diastolic Blood Pressure Determinants for Prostate Cancer Patients

Authors: Das M, Gong R, Sahoo RK, Devi RS, Banik S and Das RN*


Short Communication

Flow-Mediated Dilation Can be used as an Indicator for Assessing Severity and Deaths by Covid-19 at the Initial Hours of Hospitalization

Authors: Oliveira MR, Goulart CL, Back GD and Silva AB*


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Glucose Tolerance at Hospital Discharge as a Prognostic arker in Acute Heart Failure Patients

Abstract Background: Because patients with Heart Failure (HF) and diabetes have a poorer prognosis compared to HF patients without diabetes, it is important to understand the prognostic value of glycaemic control in this population.

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