Volume 1 Issue 3

Review Article

Does Green Tea Help to Fight against Obesity? An Overview of the Epidemiological Reports

Authors: Rokia Al-salafe, Mohammad Irshad and Hamza M Abdulghani

Type: Review Article   

Research Article

Pancreatic Cancer and Racial Differences in the Choice for Hospice Care Versus Aggressive Medical Treatment

Authors: Khurram Bilal Tariq, Arezo Farhangi, Fauzia Rana

Type: Research Article   


Immuno-Intervention with Immunoglobulin Y in Alimentary Tract Infections as an Alternative or Adjunct to Antimicrobials or Vaccines

Authors: Shofiqur Rahman, Faustino C Icatlo and Nguyen Van Sa

Type: Editorial   

Clinical Image

Heroin Injection Marks Should Never be Missed on Physical Exam

Authors: Tariq Khurram, Farhangi Arezo and Rana Fauzia

Type: Clinical Image   

Review Article

Current Concepts in the Role of Mechanosensing in the Regulation of Cardiac Contractile Function

Authors: Gerilechaogetu F, Feng H, Golden HB, Nizamutdinov D, Dostal JD, Jacob JC, Afroze SE, Foster DM, Bowman J, Ochoa B, Tong C,Glaser SS and Dostal DE

Type: Review Article   

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Evaluation of Presence of MHC Class II Susceptible and Resistant Alleles to Oncovirus in Seropositive and Seronegative Holstein- Frisian Dairy Cattle in Iran

Abstract Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is an exogenous C- type oncovirus in the Retroviridae family. This virus is an important model for human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 infection because they shared molecular and biological features.

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