Volume 6 Issue 1

Research Article

Pneumatic Displacement with Intravitreal Plasminogen Activator (PA) versus Vitrectomy with Subretinal PA for Submacular Haemorrhage

Authors:Ching J, Cardoso J2, Cabrera RG, Grabowska A, Karia N, Saidkasimova S* and Chandra A*

Type: Research Article   

Research Article

Topical Ketolorac is Effective and Safe for Post-Vitrectomy Surgery Treatment

Authors:Ching J, Iqbal T and Saidkasimova S*

Type: Research Article   

Clinical Image

Symmetrical Hollenhorst Emboli with Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion

Authors:Kumar A*, Ambiya V, Kapoor G, Arora A and Gaur S

Type: Clinical Image   


Anti VEGF in ROP Patients - A Double Edged Sword

Authors:Waris A*

Type: Editorial   

Case Report

Bilateral Simultaneous Central Retinal Vein Occlusion with no other Systemic Association: Case Report

Authors:Malakar M*, Bhanot K and Farooqui NZ

Type: Case Report   

Research Article

Comparative and Prospective Study of Kerato-Allergic Conjunctivitis Associated with Keratoconus

Authors:Bencharki Y*, Bouzoubaa T, Tamym B, Salek H, Baddou T and Berraho A

Type: Research Article   

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Increased ER Stress as a Mechanism of Retinal Neurovasculopathy in Mice with Severe Hyperhomocysteinemia

Abstract Hyperhomocysteinemia is implicated in retinal neurovascular diseases including arterial occlusive disease, venous occlusive disease and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma. The mechanism for these diseases is not known

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