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Editorial Board

  • Amosy E. M'Koma, Meharry Medical College School of Medicine, USA
  • Abhisek Mitra, Anderson Cancer Center, USA
  • Avram Cooperman, The Pancreas & Biliary Center, USA
  • Carolyn Compton, Mayo Medical School, USA
  • Temel Tirkes, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA
  • Vinay goyal, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, USA
  • Edith Mitchell, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, USA
  • Steve Kim, Wayne State University School of Medicine, USA
  • Adriana Handra-Luca, Cite Universite Paris Sorbonne North, France
  • Abhijai Singh, St Vincent Hospital, Australia
  • Jasneet Bhullar, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Frenette Catherine T, Scripps Green Hospital, USA
  • Gadareth Higgs, Yale University, USA
  • Chengguo Wei, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
  • Gustavo Sevá Pereira, Institute ProGastro, Brazil
  • Hishaam Ismael, The University of Texas Health Science Center, USA
  • George Sachs, West LA Medical Center, USA
  • Itzhak Avital, Saint Peter’s University Hospital, USA
  • Abhijeet Kumar, University of Arizona College of Medicine, USA
  • Jan Olof Karlsson, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Ana Shahnazi, Howard University Hospital, USA
  • Hiromichi Ito, Michigan State University, USA
  • Antonio Russo, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Morteza Ghojazadeh, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  • Claudio Luchini, University of Verona, Italy
  • Gaetano Bertino, Catania University, Italy
  • Ishtiaq Qadri, King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia
  • Juehua Yu, University of California Los Angeles, USA
  • Jana Jandova, University of Arizona, USA
  • Julius Strauss, American Society of Clinical Oncology, USA
  • Jagpal Singh Klair, University of Arkansas, USA
  • Janak R Khatiwada, The North Carolina Research Campus, USA
  • Kalpit Devani, East Tennessee State University, USA
  • John Joseph Arcaroli, University of Colorado Cancer Center, USA
  • Mihalis Panagiotidis, Heriot Watt University, UK
  • Kalpana Ghoshal, The Ohio State University, USA
  • Mei Tian, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China
  • Mee Young Hong, San Diego State University, USA
  • Mehboob Ali, Nationwide Children's Hospital, USA
  • Mecker Moller, University of Miami, USA
  • Niklas Finnberg, Fox Chase Cancer Center, USA
  • Pankaj K Singh, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
  • Nina Nandy, University of New Mexico Medical Center, USA
  • Tiwari PK, Jiwaji University, India
  • Rohan Manohar, Clontech Laboratories, USA
  • Thomas Ried, Center for Cancer Research, USA
  • Rana Singh P, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
  • Sushanta Banerjee, University of Kansas Medical Center, USA
  • Renu Pandey, Rotary International, USA
  • Rachel Hudacko, St. Anthony Community Hospital, USA
  • Sahdeo Prasad, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USAF
  • Stefano Scabini, RCCS University Hospital San Martino, Italy
  • Jinshan He, The Ohio State University, USA
  • Xin Wang, Houston Methodist Research Institute, USA
  • Danilo Coco, INRCA Ancona Hospital, Italy
  • Chengguo Xing, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Venu Gopala Reddy Gangireddy, Georgia Regents University, Georgia
  • Tiantian Cui, Ohio State University, USA
  • David G Menter, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
  • Krisha Howell, University of Arizona, USA
  • Linlin Yang, James Cancer Hospital, USA
  • Marco Fiorillo, The University of Manchester, UK
  • Qin Li, University of Texas, USA
  • Vishwas Vanar, University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA
  • Amikar Sehdev, Indiana University, USA
  • Fatin R Polat, NK University, Turkey
  • Saurabh Vispute, Charles River Laboratories, India
  • Marco Fiorillo, University of Salford, UK
  • Alamelu Venkatachalam, Texas Children's Hospital, USA
  • Lei Zhang, Kansas State University, USA
  • Mehulkumar Kanadiya, Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • Motahar Heidari-Beni, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  • Abhiram Duvvuri, Stormont-Vail Health Care, USA

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Impact Factor: 1.9

Scope of the Journal

  • Gastrointestinal Cancers
  • Carcinoma
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Pancreatic Cancer
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