Volume 3 Issue 1


Nanoformulations as Drug Delivery Vehicles for Cancer Treatment

Authors: Punuri Jayasekhar babu, Sibyala Saranya and Venkataswamy Mallepogu

Type : Editorial   

Review Article

An Advanced Approach of NFID - Nanopatch Technology

Authors: Pallavi B, Thofeeq MD and Venkat Reddy B.Ch

Type : Review Article   


Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications: Challenges Ahead

Authors: Soodeh Baghaee-Ravari, Mahdi Ghazizadeh and Ajit D Kelkar

Type : Editorial   

Research Article

Carbon Based Coating on Steel with Improved Electrical Conductivity

Authors: Tong Y, Bohm S and Song M

Type : Research Article   

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NSTOA-13-RA-108 Comparison of the Effects of Varying of Metal Electrode in Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes with multi-dielectric layers

Abstract Different metal–insulator–metal diodes using the fixedbottom electrode with different top electrodesandmulti–insulator layers were investigated. Chromium was usedfor the bottom metal electrode

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