Volume 10 Issue 1

Research Article

Value Addition Influenced in Millet Products - A Review

Authors: Saraswathi R* and Hameed RS


Research Article

The Potential of Phase Angle as a Nutritional Assessment Tool and Prognostic Factor in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancers

Authors: Mantzorou M*, Tolia M, Pavlidou M, Vasios GK, Papandreou D, Papadopoulou SK and Giaginis C*


Research Article

Clinical Evaluation of Vitamin A Supplementation on Disease Development, Progression and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: Current Evidence and Future Perspectives

Authors: Tryfonos C*, Mantzorou M, Fotiou D, Serdari A, Pavlidou E, Karampinaki M, Vadikolias K and Giaginis C*


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Food Patterns, Diabetes and Overweight/Obesity and Some Socio-Economic Indicators in the Italy Regions

Abstract Background: There were over 3.5 million cases of diabetes in Italy in 2015. Research has provided a better understanding of the role of dietary patterns and their relation with socio-economic conditions and non-communicable diseases.

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