Online First (Volume 9 Issue 4)

Mini Review

Healthcare Employees' Occupational Health and Safety Conditions in Saudi Arabia; A Mini Literature Review

Authors: Alsharari ASD* and Parentela GM


Review Article

Pros and Cons of Infectious Outbreak and Pandemic Driven Ruralisation

Authors: Phukon JC* and Sastry GN*


Rapid Communication

Pregnancy-Induced Proinflammatory Immunological Tone and Gut Microbiota Profile are not Reversed at the Delivery

Authors: Hermansson H*, Rautava S, Löyttyniemi E, Salminen S and Isolauri E


Published Manuscripts

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Featured Article

Association Analyses Between Cough Droplet Concentrations and Human Lung Function

Purpose: Cough droplets are generated in human airways. Human respiratory tract activities and lung function are linked to a number of processes resulting in the introduction of droplets with infectious content into indoor air.

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