Sep 25, 2017

Austin Hypertension

Diuretics in the Management of Preeclampsia Associated with High Blood Volume

Abstract: Accumulating data suggest preeclampsia, determined as gestational hypertension with organ failure (e. g. proteinuria), is not a homogenous disease [1-3]. Recently, early- or late-onset types...

Sep 25, 2017

Austin Journal of Clinical Neurology

Don't Miss it: Basilar Migraine

Abstract: Basilar migraine is a type of migraine which is characterized by headache with other features such as dizziness, ataxia, tinnitus, decreased hearing, nausea and vomiting, dysarthria, diplopia, loss of balance, bilateral paresthesias or paresis,...

Sep 25, 2017

Austin Journal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering

Evaluation of Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activity of Decalepis Hamiltonii on Hep G2 Cancer Cell Lines

Abstract: The present research work aims to identify the changes in LDH and cytotoxicity activities using HEP G2 cancer cell lines were studied in vivo models to find the anticancer activity of D. hamiltonii methanolic and water extracts....

Sep 25, 2017

Austin Journal of Gastroenterology

Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Abstract: Each year, hepatocellular carcinoma is diagnosed in over half a million people worldwide. In this paper, it is reported the case of a patient with a late diagnosis of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, with poor prognosis....

Sep 25, 2017

Journal of Plant Chemistry and Ecophysiology

Bacterial Wetwood Disease

Abstract: Wetwood, slime flux, oozing slime, or alcoholic flux all are different names of one bacterial disease in which the infected tissues (woods) are frequently discolored or water-soaked. Different from gases are produced by bacteria...

Sep 25, 2017

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - International

Differences in Postural Oscillation during Quiet Stance Alone and Quiet Stance Following Sit-To-Stand Movement in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Abstract: We evaluated differences in CoP trajectories during quiet stance alone (QSA) and quiet stance following sit to stand (STS) (QSFS) in typical children (TD) and children with cerebral palsy (CP). Forth two TD, 23 spastic CP were evaluated....

Sep 25, 2017

Austin Pediatrics

Principles of Eating in Children

Abstract: The problem of eating in children is alarming in both the developed and developing world. This communication intends to highlight the essential knowledge on eating to parents, carers and health professionals. The normal anatomy and physiological condition...

Sep 25, 2017

Austin Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia

Prolonged Cardiac Arrest and Vasopressin

Abstract: A 29 year old man presented to the emergency with a sudden onset of shortness of breath and syncope. Electrocardiogram showed a right bundle branch block, ST elevation in leads V1-V4 (Figure 1A)...

Sep 25, 2017

Austin Journal of Autism & Related Disabilities

Accessibility to Health Services and Support Networks Available to Blind Mothers

Abstract: Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess blind mothers' perception and experience accessing health services. Methods: We conducted a qualitative, descriptive study including individual, in-depth interviews with blind...

Sep 22, 2017

Foot & Ankle: Studies

Observations on Closed Reduction of Ankle Fracture-Dislocations with Subsequent Operative Treatment: Predicting the Need for Early Operative Intervention based on Clinical Features of Reduction

Abstract: Background: Acute ankle fracture-dislocations require emergent reduction. Once the dislocation is successfully reduced, the ideal timing of operative fixation is not agreed upon, in part due to lack of study. At our institution, a protocol...

Sep 22, 2017

Austin Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics

Enzyme/Carbon Nanotube Aqueous Mixture for Single-Step Printing of Enzyme Electrodes

Abstract: Advanced biofuel cells consist of nanostructured carbon electrodes modified with enzymes becaise of their higher performance due to larger specific surface area. These nanocarbon-based enzyme electrodes generally require two-step...

Sep 22, 2017

Austin Therapeutics

"Brain Tells" Recognizing Brain and Behavior Dysfunction in Daily Life

Abstract: The brain is the driving force for participation in meaningful activities and daily occupations. When dysfunction occurs in the brain, there daily occupations can be affected. There is still much to learn about the brain and its capacities,...