Volume 2 Issue 7

Research Article

Establishment and Characterization of Six Primary Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines

Authors: Rückert F, Werner K, Aust D, Hering S, Saeger H-D, Grützmann R and Pilarsky C



Identification of the Nk Cells for Clinical Benefit

Authors: Daniele N, Tomassetti F and Zinno F


Mini Review

Fractal and Spectral Analyses of Peritumoral Skin Melanoma

Authors: Piérard GE, Piérard-Franchimont C, Hermanns-Lê T, Piérard SL and Delvenne P


Review Article

The Roles of Ultrasonography in the Management of Axillary Node Metastases in Breast Cancer

Authors: Rosso KJ, Ko Un Park, Shah R, Rubino G and Nathanson SD


Research Article

Residual Tumor Characteristics Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer

Authors: Mani CS, Chander V, Kurian A, Subramani A, Mallikarjun VS, Mahalingam S and Ramakrishnan V


Review Article

Pitfalls in the Sentinel Lymph Node Concept in the Cervical Cancer

Authors: Marcin Śniadecki and Dariusz Wydra


Review Article

Costal Fibrous Dysplasia: A Proposal of a Managing Diagram based on a Review of the Literature

Authors: Mlika M, Boudaya S, Chermiti F, Marghli A and Mezni F EI


Research Article

Strong Down-Regulation of Tumor Suppressor Genes RB1 and CTDSPL is Associated with Aberrant Expression of Cell Cycle Regulation Genes in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Authors: Senchenko VN, Dmitriev AA, Krasnov GS, Kudryavtseva AV, Dardyk MV, Beniaminov AD and Kondratieva TT


Review Article

Management of Cancer Cervix

Authors: Sahu L and Ficog


Published Manuscripts

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The Utility of a Robotic Stereotactic Radiation Treatment System to Treat Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumors

Abstract Liver tumors pose a particular challenge to radiation oncologists. The critical organs, kidney, healthy liver, duodenum, small bowel, and spinal cord are relatively radiation sensitive [1].

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