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Case Report

Snowflakes in the Liver

Authors: Ceruti S and De Vivo S

Type: Case Report   

Case Report

A Dermatologic Emergency Case of Neutrophilic Eccrine Hidradenitis

Authors: Salman N, Yeşil H, Çermik H, Tezel O and Eryılmaz M

Type: Case Report   

Research Article

Factors Affecting the Decision to Prescribe Antibiotics in the Emergency Department

Authors: Karacaer Z, Salman N, Tezel O, Avci O, Altun D and Eryilmaz MC

Type: Research Article   

Impact Factor: 2.5


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Concealed Penetrating Parietal Lobe Injury Due to Stab Wound: Case Report

Abstract Thick and hard structure of skull protects the brain from external forces, however, in rare instances penetrating brain injury may occur depending on the severity of trauma [1]. This type of injury may occur in every period of life.

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