(Volume 11 Issue 1)

Research Article

Study of TCM Medication Rules against Aging Based on Network Pharmacology and Data Mining

Authors: Bo Li#,Wei Meng#, Mengnan Liu, Fei Wang, Huairong Luo, Li Wang* and Li Dong*


Research Article

Post-Conditioning Efficacy of Natural Carnosine and a Carnosine-Containing Galanin Receptor Agonist in Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

Authors: Pisarenko O*, Studneva I, Serebryakova L, Konovalova G, Lankin V, Veselova О, Dobrokhotov I, Timoshin A, Abramov A, Avdeev D and Sidorova M


Research Article

Fatal Metformin Poisoning: Adolescent Case Report

Authors: Youssef Halhoul*; Samia Bousseaden; Hind EL Assioui; Kaoutar Laariche; Aziza Bentalha; Alae El Koraichi; Salma Kettani


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Pharmaceutical Strategies for the Topical Dermal Delivery of Peptides/Proteins for Cosmetic and Therapeutic Applications

Abstract Bioactive peptides and proteins have attracted great attention in the cosmetic industry for the development of new cosmetic products to reverse the signs of ageing (anti-ageing treatment).

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