Current Issue (Volume 9 Issue 1)

Rapid Communication

Stress-Induced Alcohol Consumption in Young Adults

Authors: Laessle E*


Research Article

Factors Associated with Anxiety Disorders in Chinese Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Hong Kong

Authors: Luk JS*; Tang CP; Yu YW


Review Article

The Relevance of Mindfulness and Social Connectedness in Trauma Survivors during COVID-19

Authors: Maggie M Parker*; Stephanie F Dailey


Mini Review Article

Investigation and Analysis of the Current Situation of Mental Health Problems among Chinese Adolescents

Authors: Xue-Yuan Zhang; Ya-Min Kong; Bing-Xiang Ma*


Research Article

Environmental Enrichments Prevent Rats from Maternal Deprivation-Induced Depression through Regulating Hippocampal VEGF/Flk-Signaling

Authors: Mei Bai1,*; Xin Zhang#; Huanhuan Yan#; Lu Yang; Yang Yang; Huijie Du; Wei Wang; Shuqin Jia


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Psychometric Properties of the Anxiety Attitude and Belief Scale in an Asian Community Group

Abstract This study examined the psychometric properties of the Anxiety Attitude and Belief Scale (AABS), a measure of attitudes and beliefs intended to index a psychological vulnerability to anxiety problems, in an Asian context.

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