Current Issue (Volume 10 Issue 4)

Research Article

Pulmonary Contrast- and Non-contrast- Enhanced Computed Tomography Image Registration Based on Multi-resolution B-spline Transformation

Authors: Jinxing Gao#; Liyilei Su#; Tiegong Wang#; Yaozhou Chen; Wenzhong Zhang; Jing Li; Chengwei Shao*; Bingding Huang*


Clinical Image

Solitary Bone Plasmacytoma of Spine

Authors: Benmoussa Meryem*; Chait Fatima; Zahi Hiba; Imrani Kawtar; Moatassim Billah Nabil; Nassar Itimade


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Impact Factor: 2.8


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Milestone Research on Meniere's Disease by Visualizing Endolymphatic Hydrops Using Gadolinium-Enhanced Inner Ear MRI and the Challenges in Clinical Applications

Abstract This review discusses the history of detecting Endolymphatic Hydrops (EH) and collecting evidence to diagnose Meniere's Disease (MD) using Gadoliniumenhanced Inner Ear MRI (Gd-IEMRI) and the challenges in clinical applications.

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