Online First (Volume 11 Issue 1)

Rapid Communication

Coronary Artery and Aortic Valve Calcification Quantification in CT Chest Studies of Lung Cancer Screening

Authors: Girgis M*; Gutierrez M; McCreavy D; Radike M; Fairbairn T


Research Article

Dosimetric Comparison of VMAT Plans by Varying Number of Arcs Forhead and Neck Cancer Patients

Authors: Harijith KR; Jitendra Nigam; Silambarasan NS; Navitha S*; Piyush Kumar


Research Article

Improving PTV Coverage by Bolus: A Less Commonly Used Entity

Authors: Anu Roy; Jitendra Nigam; Silambarasan NS; Navitha S*; Piyush Kumar


Case Report

Neurogenic Heterotopic Ossification in the Non-paretic Limb: A Case Report

Authors: Zahra SM Husain*; Abdullah Saad Al Driweesh


Clinical Image

Submandibulair Gland Lipoma: An Uncommon Location

Authors: Zenjali Sara*; Lahfidi Amal; Abourak Chaimae; Touarsa Firdaous; Khamlichi Amina; Fikri Meriem; El Kettani Najwa; Jiddane Mohamed


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Milestone Research on Meniere's Disease by Visualizing Endolymphatic Hydrops Using Gadolinium-Enhanced Inner Ear MRI and the Challenges in Clinical Applications

Abstract This review discusses the history of detecting Endolymphatic Hydrops (EH) and collecting evidence to diagnose Meniere's Disease (MD) using Gadoliniumenhanced Inner Ear MRI (Gd-IEMRI) and the challenges in clinical applications.

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