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Case ReportPublished: Mar 09, 2018
Mahendra NM*, Miceal C, Aisling C and Jeanie M
Case ReportPublished: Aug 03, 2018
Cherchi V*, Baccarani U, Lorenzin D, Adani GL, Pravisani R, Zuliani AL, Vetrugno L, Terrosu G and Risaliti A
Research ArticlePublished: Aug 03, 2018
Mahendra N Mishra* and Vandana Lal
Current Issue
Research ArticlePublished: Apr 03, 2017
Hernandez Rivera JCH*, Espinoza Perez R, Paniagua Sierra R, Salazar Mendoza M, Barcenas Arredondo IE, Jimenez Navarro G and Perez Lopez MJ
Case ReportPublished: Dec 28, 2017
Rivera JCHH*, Perez RE, Lopez JDC, Sierra RP, Olayo RB, Rueda IRS and Mendoza MS
Volume 1 Issue 1
Research ArticlePublished: Aug 30, 2016
Chen ME, Harada MY, Voidonikolas G, Garnett G, Li T, Patel B, Yim D, Chen E, Ley EJ, Nissen NN, Shinde A and Annamalai A
EditorialPublished: Sep 12, 2016
Testino G and Leone S
Mini ReviewPublished: Nov 02, 2016
Zidan A, Julka K, Dutta P, Mehta N, Sable S, Yadav K, Nath B, Kapoor S, Varma V and Kumaran V
Review ArticlePublished: Dec 14, 2016
HE B, NG ZQ and Hamdorf JM

Scope of the Journal

  • Organ transplantation
  • ABO-incompatible transplantation
  • Chronic allograft nephropathy
  • Hartwell Harrison
  • Heart transplantation
  • Heart-Lung transplant
  • Induced thymic epithelial cells
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