Aug 03, 2016

Austin Pharmacology & Pharmaceutics

Novel Therapeutic Targets for Older Drugs

Abstract: The discovery of new drugs is one of the key goals of the pharmaceutical industry as well as academic biomedical research. The cost of drug discovery and development rose markedly during...

Aug 03, 2016

Annals of Carcinogenesis

Role of SPARC in Cancer; Friend or Foe

Abstract: Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC) is a matricellular glycoproteins that is implicated in myriad physiological and pathological conditions characterized by extensive remodeling and plasticity. The role of...

Aug 03, 2016

Austin Immunology

Hypotheses about the Potential Role of Mesenchymal Stem Cell on Nasal Polyposis: A Soft Inflamed Tissue Suffering from Mechanical Dysfunction

Abstract: Background: Nasal Polyposis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the upper airway, occurring in 1-4% of the general population. Nasal Polyposis is characterized by a severe chronic inflammatory process and an abnormal remodeling implicated in a tissue mechanical dysfunction....

Aug 03, 2016

Austin Pain & Relief

Humanity and Science in Pain Management

Abstract: Pain is known to be the first medical consultation pattern and a global health concern. Therapeutic medicine was for a long time interested in treatment of disease more than relieving patients.....

Aug 02, 2016

Journal of Bacteriology and Mycology

A 10 Year Analysis of the Use of Multiplex Real-Time PCR Screening for Botulinum Neurotoxin-Producing Clostridium Species

Abstract: Prompt testing of specimens suspected of containingbotulinum neurotoxins produced by Clostridium botulinum, C. butyricum, and C. baratiiisis essential due to the potential of these toxins to produce rapid morbidity and mortality...

Aug 02, 2016

Austin Andrology

The Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Sperm Chromatin Structure and its Consequences on IVF and ICSI Outcomes

Abstract: There have been a number of reviews indicating that our epigenomes may be sensitive to "environmental" influences which can be broadly defined to include diet, toxins, stressors, and psychosocial influences [1,2,3]....

Aug 02, 2016

Journal of Pediatrics & Child Health Care

Successful Management with the Ketogenic Diet of an Infant with Aicardi Syndrome: A Case Report

Abstract: In this report, we present an 11 month female infant with AS whom achieved >90% reduction in seizures and reduction of AEDs following commencement of a ketogenic diet whilst inpatient on PICU for intractable seizures. Although...

Aug 02, 2016

Austin Pediatrics

An Uncommon Presentation of Bohring-Opitz Syndrome in a 2 Week-Old Newborn Female

Abstract: Bohring-Opitz Syndrome (BOS) is a rare genetic syndrome that was first described by Bohring et al in 1999. He reported 2 cases of infants with Opitz trigonocephaly (C)-like syndrome as well as 2 similar published cases...

Aug 02, 2016

Annals of Nursing Research and Practice

The Work of Managing Phenylketonuria and Breastfeeding

Abstract: Purpose: To describe the demands of breastfeeding in the context of Phenylketonuria (PKU) and mothers' efforts to manage the complicated feeding regimen....

Aug 01, 2016

Austin Pharmacology & Pharmaceutics

A Comprehensive Review on Tablet Coating

Abstract: Tablet coating is a not unusual pharmaceutical technique of applying a thin polymer-based film to a tablet or a granule containing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Stable dosage paperwork are lined for some of reasons,...

Aug 01, 2016

Journal of Hepatitis Research

Prevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Hepatitis C Antibody in Abuja Municipal Area Council Fct-Nigeria the North-Central Geopolitical Zone

Abstract: Hepatitis B and C viruses are growing worldwide public health issue today. Their pathology is responsible for considerable increase in healthcare expenses despite the widely recognized public health authority to keep them under control....

Aug 01, 2016

Journal of Dentistry & Oral Disorders

An Eagle's View in Case Analysis Unveils Diagnostic Dilemmas: A Case Report

Abstract: Chronic and aggressive periodontitis are differentiated mainly by progression of the disease; local factors, age of onset and neither of the diseases are having pathognomonic features to diagnose specifically. Sometimes overlapping...

Aug 01, 2016

Gastrointestinal Cancer: Research & Therapy

Gene Expression Analysis of Sporadic Early-Onset Rectal Adenocarcinoma

Abstract: Background: Overall declines in incidence of rectal cancer (RC) in patients older than 50 years have been mostly attributed to improvement in treatment modalities and introduction of age-based screening. Recent studies, however,...

Aug 01, 2016

Journal of Schizophrenia Research

Schizophrenia: A Concise Overview of Etiology, Epidemiology Diagnosis and Management: Review of literatures

Abstract: Schizophrenia is arguably the most severe of the psychiatric disorders. It is among the most disabling and economically catastrophic medical disorders, ranked by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten illnesses contributing to the global burden of disease....

Aug 01, 2016

Austin Journal of Autism & Related Disabilities

Japanese Trend in Childhood Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Abstract: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as the diagnostic term, has been introduced in Japan over 60 years ago. It is only last 10 years; ASDis recognized as intellectual disabilities in society. Few Japanese...

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