Current Issue (Volume 4 Issue 2)

Case Presentation

Epidermal Choristoma Presenting as an Enlarging Tongue Mass

Authors: Lindquist NR, Firan M and Mukerji SS*

Type: Case Presentation   

Case Presentation

Cerebrospinal Fluid Nasal Fistula of the Lateral Sphenoid Recess, Associated with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and Primary Empty Sella Syndrome

Authors: Vargas-Aguayo AM* and Sanchez-Castro GF

Type: Case Presentation   

Case Presentation

Dysphagia Caused by a Lingual Thyroid

Authors: Rodrigo LR*, Jorge DB, Luis GF, Daniel G and Stefanny RO

Type: Case Presentation   

Research Article

Neuroprotective and Stem Cell Proliferative Effects of Regenerating Agents – A Neuro-Pharmacological Approach in Cochlear Implantation

Authors: Roemer A, Lenarz T, Durisin M and Warnecke A*

Type: Research Article   

Case Report

Myositis Ossificians Traumatica of the Left Pterygoid Muscles

Authors: Bonnick A, Reid N*, Ogunsanya O, Gibbs I, Oladubu M and Chang R

Type: Case Report   

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Circulating Tumor Cells or Not?

Abstract Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is one of the most common cancers in South East Asia. The high incidence of lymphatic spread and distant metastases are associated with high mortality.

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