October 11, 2019

Austin Journal of Clinical Case Reports

Meningitis by Listeria monocytogenes in a Milkweed

Abstract: Listeria monocytogenes may rarely cause meningitis in healthy children. A seven-monthly girl who was previously healthy was admitted to child emergency with complaints of coughing, fever, vomiting and diarrhea...

October 10, 2019

Journal of Psychiatry & Mental Disorders

Internet Addiction Disorder-Case File of Internet Addiction Disorder and Psychosis

Abstract: I was on vacation in Sunnyvale, CA, USA spending my time with my son's family. Third week of February 2019 I get a frantic call from my nephew in Pune India, intimating that his sister (my sister's daughter) is behaving badly and become irritant and sometimes aggressive...

October 10, 2019

Thrombosis & Haemostasis: Research

Early Candida parapsilosis Sepsis Detection Using Sysmex XN-3000 Hematological Analyzer: Case Report

Abstract: Candida parapsilosis sepsis is a rare but fatal disease affecting all age groups, commonly caused by fungal surface contamination of medical devices such as central venous catheters...

October 08, 2019

Austin Journal of Surgery

Modified Laparoscopic Gastrectomy Approach using Pfannestiel Incision

Abstract: Background: D2 gastrectomy for gastric carcinoma is a well-established procedure and is the standard of care in our institution for early gastric cancer. However, incisional hernias occur in at least 10% of patients undergoing midline laparotomies...

October 08, 2019

Austin Journal of Surgery

Aberrant Brachiocephalic Artery in Thoracic Surgery

Abstract: A 70-year-old man was admitted to our operative unit for treatment of non-small cell lung cancer located in the right upper lobe. Pre-operative chest computed tomography scan showed a tortuosity of the brachiocephalic artery that crossed horizontally...

October 08, 2019

Austin Pediatrics

Primary Obstructive Megaureter with Giant Ureteral Stone Presenting as Orchialgia and Undescended Testis

Abstract: Primary Obstructive Megaureter (POM) is relatively uncommon in adults that only 15% of megaureters, Nevertheless, surgical intervention is indicated in POM in cases of deterioration of split renal function and significant obstruction...

October 08, 2019

Austin Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Eating Habits as a Common Risk Factor for Obesity and Oral Health Disorders in School Children

Abstract: Healthy body weight and oral health are fundamental components of the healthy psychosomatic development and well-being of children and adolescents. Hence, identifying the factors that affect them constitutes an essential issue...

October 08, 2019

Austin Hepatology

Neuroendocrine Bulbar Tumor Mimicking a Submucosal Tumor

Abstract: A 61 years old men with no past medical facts, presented in the emergency for acute obstructive dysphagia. Upper endoscopy showed an impacted foreign body (chicken bone) impacted in the middle oesophagus which was removed successfully...

October 08, 2019

Austin Journal of Orthopedics & Rheumatology

Arthroscopic Findings in Patients with Knee Injuries in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Abstract: Purpose: To determine the frequency of different findings on arthroscopy of knee in patients with knee injuries...

October 05, 2019

Austin Journal of Nursing & Health Care

Assessment of the Nurses' Skills during Caring for Hemodialysis Patients

Abstract: Hemodialysis is a method that is used to achieve the extracorporeal removal of waste products such as creatinine and urea free water from the blood when the kidneys are in a state of renal failure...

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