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Current Issue

Volume 10 Issue 1 - 2023
Research ArticlePublished: January 31, 2023
Dolciotti C, Della Ragione R, Gabrielli G, Stampacchia G and Bongioanni P*
Systematic ReviewPublished: March 31, 2023
Keith Shun Kei Tang*, Bobby Ho Yin Chung, Sophia So Wa Ip and Tiffany Ching Man Choi
Research ArticlePublished: April 05, 2023
Shun-Kei Tang; Wing-Lam Hon; So-Wa Ip; Ho-Yin Chung; Tiffany Ching-Man Choi*
Original ArticlePublished: June 10, 2023
Shayel Bercovich, MD MPH*; Mona Qaik, BSN; Sophia Zaretzer, BSN; Irena Michalsky, BSN; Itamar Shafran, MD; Shay Golan, MD
Review ArticlePublished: June 22, 2023
Wang Li; D Myagmarsuren*; Qin Yuanhao; Z Yadmaa; Liu shanshan

Impact Factor: 2.8

Scope of the Journal

  • Amputee Care
  • Cancer
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular Disability
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