Online First (Volume 12 Issue 1)

Special Article: Water Nutrition

Compilation of Rheological Models and Their Application to Tomato Sauce (15°Brix) (Solanum Lycopersicon)

Authors: Marín-Machuca Olegario*; Suica-Delgado de Clerc Ruth Elizabeth; Marín-Sánchez Ulert; García-Talledo Enrique Gustavo; Ortiz Guizado Julia Iraida; Alvarado-Zambrano Fredy Aníbal


Review Article

Influence of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Stem Bark Extract on Pain Intensity and Inflammation in Osteoarthritic Patients

Authors: Zarwa Iqbal; Muhammad Naeem Bajwa*; Momina Shahid; Zaeem Idrees; Muhammad Anas


Review Article

Meta Analysis on Effect of Zinc Biofortification on Crops and Human Health

Authors: Husna Wali*; Muhammad Faisal; Asna Tauqeer; Rimsha Saleheen; Zohaib Ahmad; Ammar Ijaz; Tasmiyyia Bibi; Ayesha Farooq; Iqra Rasheed


Review Article

Nomenclature of Genes, Risk Factors, Alleles and Haplotypes Related to Genotyping of HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 Risk Alleles

Authors: Cledia Silveira Flores da Silva*; Augusto Schneider; Ines Schadock; Fabiana Torma Botelho; Carlos Castilho Barros


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Food Patterns, Diabetes and Overweight/Obesity and Some Socio-Economic Indicators in the Italy Regions

Abstract Background: There were over 3.5 million cases of diabetes in Italy in 2015. Research has provided a better understanding of the role of dietary patterns and their relation with socio-economic conditions and non-communicable diseases.

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