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Published Manuscripts

Special Article - Homeless Persons
Young M* and Van Tuyl R
Research Article
Rubini M*, Libianchi N*, Gozzi A* and Zaio P*
Research Article
Huang Z-P, Pan H, Zhang H, Li B* and Pan R*
Iurato G*
Special Article - Biological Anthropology
Makrushin AV*
Research Article
Ifunanya DMD* and Ukoha UU
Review Article
Marinkovic S*, Aranđelovic N, Levic E and Tomic I
Special Article - Biological Anthropology
Rothschild BM*
Mini Review
Rivera M*
Biological Anthropology
G Lurato*
Special Article - Archaeology
Rubini M*, Libianchi N, Gozzi A and Zaio P
Special Article - Religion and Secularism
Hess E*
Special Article - Biological and Cultural Factors in Human Evolution
Castañeda MC, Sepulveda C and Carlucci MJ*
Review Article
Cheng-tek Tai M*
Review Article
Zanella A*
Special Article - Indian Village
Jaywant S*
Review Article
Aubert M, Banas D, Bernier N, Blouin M, Bolzonella C, Bonneval K, Brun JJ, Fritz I, Giannini R, Hager H, Katzensteiner K, Lowenfels J, Menta C, Micheloni C, Paoletti MG, Pelosi C, Piccolo A, Ponge JF, Singh SK, Tassinato E, Teo G, Tomasi M and Zanella A*
Special Article - Civilization
J. C. Flores*
Research Article
Murad S*, Ghaffar A, Murad SS, Shah J, Sheikh DM and Qudoos A
Special Article - Social Behavior
Ratti SG, Sacchi OJ and Alvarez EO*
Review Article
Tomić I, Milić V, Lazić D and Marinković S*
Research Article
Qudoos A, Murad S*, Iftikhar S, Murad JS, Ghaffar A and Mahar MR
Review Article
Cheng-tek Tai M*
Special Article - Criminal Behavior
Marinković S*, Lazić D2, Tomić I and Boljanović J
Grigolini P*
Letter to Editor
Grimoud AM*
Short Communication
Zanella A*
Review Article
Tai MC*

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Published Manuscripts

Impact Factor: 1.9

Scope of the Journal

  • Bioethics and anthropology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Demography
  • Economics and anthropology
  • Ethics and anthropology
  • Ethno pharmacology
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