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Published Manuscripts

Letter to Editor
Hamid Alizadeh*
Research Article
Direkvand-Moghadam A*
Osoro A*
Aniceto B*, Carlos S, Rafael B, Marcelo B and Nieves P
Research Article
Salih ZA*, Siddeeg A, Al-Farga Ammar, Ibrahim AIE1 and Ali AO
Research Article
Salih ZA*, Siddeeg A, Ammar AF, Mohammed SM and Ali AO
Mini Review
Odigo AE, Carpenter ML, Jae-Hyeon Cho, Heck DE and Kim HD*
Special Article - Bariatric Surgery
Owers CE*, Halliday V and Ackroyd R
Research Article
Mardones F*, Rosso P, Villarroel L, Burgueno L, Bacallao J and Farias M
Research Article
Catheline JM*, Schoucair N, Dbouk R, Bendacha Y, Romero R, Bonnel C and Cohen R
Research Article
Siman-Tov A*
Martins IJ
Special Article - Obesity in Pregnancy
Kirchengast S and Hartmann B
Special Article - Bariatric Surgery
Kaijser MA, Emous M, Dijkstra FA, Apers JA and Totte ER
Clinical Image
Tai CM, Tsai MS and Yu ML
Short Commentary
Kim HD, Naiyeam K, Jae-Hyeon Cho and Heck DE
Special Article - Overweight
Araki A, Yoshimura Y, Maruta H, Kimoto M, Takahashi Y and Yamashita H
Ian James Martins
Gérard P
Research Article
Nedelcu M, Skalli M, Fouillade C, Lefebvre P, Kaan C, Toreilles L, Faure S, Fabre JM, Guiu B, Gallix B and Nocca D
Case Report
Chiappetta S, Khan MS and Stier C
de Melo AS, Yamaguti EM, dos Reis RM, and Ferriani RA
Kwan Hiu Yee
Ramesh Pothuraju and Minaxi
Hong Duck Kim
Research Article
Suleiman L, Barbisan F, Ribeiro EE, Moresco RN, Bochi G, Marta Duarte MMF, Antunes KT, Manica-Cattani MF, Unfer TC, Azzolin VF, Griner J and Da Cruz IBM
Research Article
Fujiwara CTH, Melo ME, Fernandes AE, Pioltine MB, Santos AS, Matioli SR, Cercato C and Mancini MC
Di Sessa A and Marzuillo P
Review Article
Martins IJ

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Published Manuscripts

Scope of the Journal

  • Metabolic Tissue Regulation
  • Fuel Metabolism
  • Energetics and Signal Transduction
  • Metabolic Disease
  • Overweight
  • Obesity & Sleep
  • Obesity & Stroke
  • Hormones & Obesity
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