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Published Manuscripts

Clinical Image
Zaizi A*, ElHassak S and Boussouga M
Research Article
Diagne I*, Dieye M, Ndione AG, Mbengue GW and Sougou A
Research Article
Emerson BD*, Ameri BJ, Downing MA and Temple HT
Case Report
Dehayni B*, Benchakroune M, Amarir M, Lamkhntar A, Ouazaa R, Tanane M and Jaaraf A
Research Article
Eilering MJ*, Klein Wolt K and Blatter BM
Research Article
Bikash KC, Lamichhane AP and Mahara DP
Mini Review
Berg GM, Billings W and Zackula R
Special Article - Damage Control Surgery & Case Reports
Rosario S, Francesco L, Francesco S and Paolo C
Special Article- Major Trauma Cases
Peters J and van Vugt R
Clinical Image
Panda DK, Mohapatra DP and Mohapatra M
Research Article
Vivienne Tippett, Andrew Wilson, Leigh Tooth, Trisha Johnston and Enraght-Moony
Case Report
Daqing Jiang, Zhi-Wei Zhang, Xuan Jiang and Qu Chen
Case Report
Miklosh Bala and Mouhammad Faroja
Research Article
Ladislav Mica, Hanspeter Simmen, Clément Werner, Michael Plecko and Kai Sprengel
Research Article
Aneja A, Yang E, Briscoe M, Graves ML, Porter SE, Bergin P and Russell GV
Research Article
Robert Perna RN, Hana Perkey MS and Jessica Le BS
Review Article
David Alexander

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Published Manuscripts

Scope of the Journal

  • Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia Biomaterials
  • Biomechanics
  • Critical care medicine Experimental Research
  • Emergency medicine
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