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Published Manuscripts

Rapid Communication
Iannuzzi A*, Perucatti A, Genualdo V, Rossetti C, Iorio C, Caputi Jambrenghi A, Giannico F, Andreassi MG and Iannuzzi L
Case Report
Damiri A*, Chahdi H, Setti K, Oukabli M and Bouzidi AL
Research Article
Dorra T, Meriam S*, Imen BA, Nawel B, Héla E, Asma O, Norsaf B and Dalila G
Research Article
Kldiashvili E*
Case Report
Tbouda M*, Toufga Z, Belhabib S, Zouaidia F, Znati K, Jahid A and Bernoussi Z
Research Article
Beddoe AM*, Nair N, Jallah W, Dottino A, Distaso C, Lieb W and Dottino P
Research Article
Beddoe AM*, Jallah W, Pereira E, Dottino A, Lieber MLMSW, Rehwaldt L, Solomon E, Harris S and Dottino P
Case Report
Simoglou C* and Gymnopoulos D
Case Report
Yacur M, Marks EI, Sulseki J, Drabick JJ, Crist H and Joshi M*
Espeli V* and Marco S
Case Report
Oommen A, Govindan J and Abdul Jalal MJ*
Special Article - Radiation Oncology
Oertel M*, Reinartz G, Barth PJ, Kittel C and Eich HT
Special Article - Leukemia
Jean-Baptiste D, Belrose G, Meniane JC, Lezin A, Jeannin S, Mesnard JM, Olindo S, Peloponese JM Jr* and Cesaire R*
Research Article
Kudoh T*, Ikushima H, Kudoh K, Furutani S, Kawanaka T, Kubo A, Takamaru N, Tamatani T and Miyamoto Y
Special Article - Melanoma
Chistian Patricio CL, Raquel GC, Prieto AV and Riverol OL
Special Article - Melanoma
Onuigbo WIB
Research Article
Baloch AH, Khosa AN, Bangulzai N, Ahmed M, Khan F, Jan M, Tareen M, Kakar MH, Shuja J, Naseeb HK, Sadia H and Ahmad J
Review Article
Said N
Nagle DG
Mahmoud AM and Ali MM

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Published Manuscripts

Impact Factor: 1.8

Scope of the Journal

  • Human carcinogenesis
  • Liver carcinogenesis
  • Radiation carcinogenesis
  • Viral carcinogenesis
  • Molecular carcinogenesis
  • Chemical carcinogenesis
  • Hormonal carcinogenesis
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