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Published Manuscripts

Case Report
Lynch B, Bowen S* and Wallach D
Rapid Communication
Rodrigo Schroll Astolfi, Amanda Vieira Batista*, Jose Alberto Dias Leite and Alexandre Leme Godoy dos Santos
Case Report
Bagirathan S*, Ibrahim N and Patel NG
Review Article
Hale T and Bennett J*
Case Report
Hession E* and Ryan J
Short Commentary
Staniszewska MA* and Owsiak E
Rapid Communication
Astolfi RS, Batista AV*, Santos ALM and Leite JAD
Research Article
Rosien L*, van Dijk PR, Oskam J, Groenier KH, Gans ROB, Bilo HJG and Landman GWD
Tladi JM*
Special Article - Orthopaedic Foot
Special Article - Etiology of Osteoarthritis
Wang Xin and Yu Changlong*
Special Article - Diabetic Foot Care
Tyler J Beckley*, Anderson KC and Manoli A
Special Article - Diabetic Foot Care
Edward B Miller* and Zvi Landau
Special Article - Orthopaedic Surgery
Qu L*, Wang L, Xing L, Gao S, Li P and Ke G
Research Article
Manak JL*, Nalinaksh VS, Taneja DK and Dhande SG
Research Article
Silva A, Silva C, Pereira S, Santos R and Andreia S. P. Sousa*
Research Article
Kanazawa K*, Yoshimura I, Hagio T, Minokawa S and Yamamoto T
Research Article
Elgohary Hatem SA* and Elghaffar Mhmood A
Research Article
Matson A, Zura R, Green C and Hurwitz S*
Research Article
Valente IM, Pinto A, Santos MR* and Sousa ASP
Short Communication
Johnson-Lynn SE*, Ramaskandhan J and Siddique MS
Surgical Technique
Baoqing Y*
Surgical Technique
Nodelman L and Theodoulou MH
Case Report
Kolodenker G
Sung PS, Danial P and Gates A
Research Article
Shiravi Z, Shadmehr A, Moghadam ST and Moghadam BA

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Published Manuscripts

Impact Factor: 1.9

Scope of the Journal

  • Ankle Fractures
  • Talus Fractures
  • Calcaneus Fractures
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Frostbite
  • Lawn Mower Injuries
  • Pilon Fractures of the Ankle
  • Toe and Forefoot Fractures
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