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Online First
Case ReportPublished: May 25, 2023
Rovere G; Perazzolo A; Moliterno E; Giarletta L; Brancasi A; Marano R*
Current Issue
Case ReportPublished: January 09, 2023
Toufaily A*
Case SeriesPublished: April 05, 2023
Antony P Pathadan; Suresh Davis; Ramdas Nayak; Jacob George; Latha K Abraham; Sahala Abbas*
Research ArticlePublished: April 10, 2023
Nikolaos PE Kadoglou*; Sofia Arapi; Anastasia Perpinia2; Ioannis Nektarios Karavidas; Apostolos Karavidas
Case ReportPublished: May 03, 2023
C Moïni; D Rahim; N Belfeki; A Lefoulon; D Poindron; N Lellouche
Case ReportPublished: May 17, 2023
Omar Fakhreddine; Omar Chaabo; Maurice Khoury; Ziyad Ghazzal*
Volume 7 Issue 1
Clinical ImagePublished: April 12, 2022
McCaughey C*, Wheen P, Murphy G, Pearson I and Murphy R
Case ReportPublished: August 02, 2022
Weiss R*, Von Groote TC, Sch�fer SD and Keller M
Research ArticlePublished: August 22, 2022
Yuan CJ, Xin ZL and Lin LY*
Case ReportPublished: September 05, 2022
Mehrpooya M*, Ghasemi M, Gerayeli B, Sherafati A and Dashti S
Review ArticlePublished: September 06, 2022
Guo X#, Jin Y#, Qian X#, Chen J, Wang S, Bai X, Wu C* and Li W*
Volume 6 Issue 1
Case ReportPublished: July 19, 2021
Ericsson F, Jensen NE and Jensen SE*
Case ReportPublished: August 17, 2021
Abu Ghosh Z*, Beeri R, Falah B, Pertz A, Shuvy M and Gilon D
Clinical ImagePublished: October 13, 2021
Cruz-Galban A*
Case ReportPublished: October 20, 2021
Sattarzadeh Badkoubeh R, Geraiely B*, Saadatagah M, Moradi S and Sherafati A
Case ReportPublished: November 12, 2021
Balakumar N*, Lee J, Appachi E and Bautista V
Clinical ImagePublished: November 23, 2021
McCormick JP* and Murphy R
Volume 5 Issue 1
Case ReportPublished: Feb 05, 2020
Toufaily A*
Case ReportPublished: Dec 22, 2020
Sakhnini A, Kusniec F, Amir O and Elbaz-Greener G*
Case ReportPublished: Dec 22, 2020
Fu F, Miao Z, Huijun Y, Daoquan P* and Ling L*
Volume 4 Issue 1
Case ReportPublished: Jan 04, 2019
Oka S*, Nakamura J, Tokumasu Y, Hoshino K, Watanabe K, Abe M, Akuzawa S, Suzuki K, Ishigami N, Sakai H and Watanabe A
Case ReportPublished: May 08, 2019
Edem Ziadinov*
Case ReportPublished: May 29, 2019
Kar S*, Joshi R, Joshi RK, Agarwal M, Aggarwal N
Case ReportPublished: Sept 03, 2019
Yarows SA*, Smith F and Szyniszewski A
Case ReportPublished: Oct 29, 2019
Simoglou C*, Skarmoutsou A and Gymnopoulos D
Volume 3 Issue 3
Case ReportPublished: Aug 29, 2018
Hsiu-Yu Lai, Bor-Chih Cheng, Yu Chang and Tsair-Wei Chien*
Case ReportPublished: Oct 01, 2018
Lee Fhoon AW and Tar Choon AW*
EditorialPublished: Oct 01, 2018
Chin Shern LAU M and Tar Choon AW*
Case ReportPublished: Dec 06, 2018
Metaxas KE*, Perreas GK, Stamatatos PI and Michalis SA
Volume 3 Issue 1
Case ReportPublished: Mar 02, 2018
Dayanand P*, Kabach M, Alrifai A, Lovitz L and Nores M
Special Article - Acute Coronary SyndromePublished: Apr 24, 2018
Wechkunanukul K*
Special Article - Acute Coronary SyndromePublished: Apr 30, 2018
Scagliola R*, Brunelli C and Balbi M
Special Article - Myocardial InfarctionPublished: May 31, 2018
Shmid AV, Novopashin MA, Zimina EY and Berezin AA*
Short CommunicationPublished: June 22, 2018
Kecia Gaither* and Sara Lillo
Volume 2 Issue 1
Case ReportPublished: Mar 01, 2017
Uchida W, Mutsuga M, Hirate Y, Kawaguchi O and Usui A
Case ReportPublished: Mar 20, 2017
Gowani SA, Omar S, Elmahdy HM, Kherada N, Sekhon A, Conde C and Santana O
Case ReportPublished: Jul 25, 2017
Cramon P*, Simonsen L, Host NB, Bulow J and Asmar A
Special Article - Coronary Heart DiseasePublished: Sep 13, 2017
DePersis M*, Rudzinski W, Singh M and Kaluski E*
Volume 1 Issue 3
Special Article - Mitral ValvePublished: Oct 21, 2016
Chirichilli I, Iaccarino A, D'Ascoli R, Rose D, Saade W, Frati G and Greco E
Case ReportPublished: Nov 03, 2016
Enezate TH, Kumar A, Al-Dadah A, Balla S and Omran J
Clinical ImagePublished: dec 12, 2016
Sugimoto T, Nomura T, Urata R and Kikai M
Volume 1 Issue 2
EditorialPublished: June 13, 2016
Veljkovic V
Case ReportPublished: June 13, 2016
Pelechas E, Tsigaridas N, Kyrama S, Trogganis E and Kardamis Ch
Case ReportPublished: June 24, 2016
Takazawa I, Kurumisawa S, Sato H, Aizawa K and Misawa Y
Research ArticlePublished: July 15, 2016
Misawa Y, Kawada M and Endo S
Volume 1 Issue 1
EditorialPublished: Jan 22, 2016
Kecia Gaither
EditorialPublished: Jan 22, 2016
Sanjay Mehra
EditorialPublished: Jan 22, 2016
Jan Manolas
Research ArticlePublished: Jan 22, 2016
Pan Jie, Kang-xin HU and Wen-liang YAO
Research ArticlePublished: Jan 29, 2016
Elassy SM

Impact Factor: 1.9

Scope of the Journal

  • Cardiac Failure
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Valvular Heart Disease
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