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Published Manuscripts

Review Article
Mote NN*
Research Article
Uzbekov MG* and Musina LO
Research Article
Dey MK and Islam S*
Research Article
Mavra Abbas, Mehwish David, Qurat-Ul-Ain, Mushtaq Ahmad and Sarwat Jahan*
Review Article
Murad S*, Iftikhar S, Arain AQ, Mastoi MI, Ghaffar A, Seema and Murad JS
Research Article
Murad S*, Ijaz-Ur-Rehman, Khokhar AQ, Jahan B, Aslam H and Ghaffar A
Review Article
Meena DK* and Jayanthi M
Review Article
Sanklecha VM*, Pande VV, Pawar SS, Pagar OB and Jadhav AC
Research Article
Pawar SS*, Pande VV, Girme A and Sanklecha VM
Barghi NG*
Research Article
Aygen B, Yildiz O*, Gökahmetoglu S, Taheri S and Baltac S
Image Article
Alireza Heidari*
Gill-Sharma MK*
Research Article
Chien TW, Chang Y and Kuo SC*
Review Article
Chappell MC*
Review Article
Skieneh JM and Rohani S*
Mini Review
Darmani NA*, Chebolu S and Zhong W
Review Article
Mohan N, Jiang J and Wu WJ*
Short Communication
Swamy MK and Rudramurthy GR
Rapid Communication
Gehring MP, Pereira TCB, Zanin R, Bogo M and Morrone FB
Haleem DJ
Research Article
Himaja V, Sai Koushik O, Karthikeyan R and Srinivasa Babu P

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Published Manuscripts

Impact Factor: 1.5

Scope of the Journal

  • Neuropharmacology
  • Respiratory Pharmacology
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Soft Material Chemistry
  • Pharmacogenomics
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