Published Manuscripts


Sweet Democracy, Obesity and Eating Disorders among Egyptian Youth

Authors: Mustafa Afifi


Review Article

Fine Structural Markers of Human Oocyte Quality in Assisted Reproduction

Authors: Nottola SA, Macchiarelli G2and Familiari G


Research Article

Sperm Sex Ratio (X: Y Ratio) and its Variations

Authors: Chaudhury I, Jain M and Halder A


Case Report

Unicornuate Uterus with Multiple Skeletal Defects and Large Regions of Homozygosity

Authors: Dania Al-Jaroudi, Suha Tashkandi, Mamoun Al-Awad, Faryal Khan


Research Article

Should Intrauterine Inseminations be Performed under Ultrasound Guidance?

Authors: J Bancquart, P Barrière, F Leperlier, A Colombel1, S Mirallié and T Fréour


Review Article

Role of Zinc in Reproductive Biology - An Overview

Authors: Murarka S, Mishra V, Joshi P and Kumar Sunil


Research Article

The Impact of Age on Gestation and Implantation Rates and on Blastocyst Scoring, after Single and Double Embryo Transfers

Authors: Bos-Mikich A, Michels MS, Dutra CG, Oliveira NP, Ferreira MO, Aquino DC and Frantz N


Research Article

Clinical Evidence for the Importance of 1-Carbon Cycle Support in Subfertile Couples

Authors: Dominique Cornet, Edouard Amar, Marc Cohen and Yves Ménézo


Research Article

Genetic Diagnosis in Non-Obstructive Azoospermic Tunisian Men

Authors: Wajih Hammami, Olfa Kilani, Mariem Ben Khelifa, Wiem Ayed, Abderrezzak Bouzouita, Fethi Zhioua, Sonia Abdelhak and Ahlem Amouri


Research Article

A Comparison of Sperm DNA Damage in the Neat Ejaculate of Sperm Donors and Males Presenting for their Initial Seminogram

Authors: Jaime Gosálvez, José-LuisFernández, Jesus Yaniz, Moises de la Casa, Carmen López-Fernández and Stephen Johnston


Research Article

Fresh Blastocyst Embryo Transfer is Superior to Morula Embryo Transfer in Young Patients Undergoing in Vitro Fertilization

Authors: Malik S, Balassiano E, Hobeika E, Knochenhauer ES and Traub ML


Research Article

Is there any Benefit in Adding LH Activity to the FSH Stimulation in Poor Responders?

Authors: Goswami M and Nikolaou D


Research Article

Oxidative DNA Damage in Male Germ Cells in Normozoospermic Infertile Men: A Case for Concern

Authors: Mishra SS, Kumar S, Singh G, Mohanty K, Vaid S, Malhotra N, Singh N, Kumar R and Dada R


Short Communication

The Effect of Estrogen Receptor Modulator (Raloxifene) on Endometrioma Cells in Culture

Authors: Laura Spector DO, Lydia Kaufman BS and Badawy SZA


Review Article

Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes with Glutathione Suppress Surgically Induced Experimental Endometriosis in Rats

Authors: Vanin AF, Burgova EN and Adamyan LV


Review Article

Imaging Techniques for the Diagnosis of Deep Endometriosis

Authors: Petta CA and Peloggia A


Research Article

Clinical Experience with Vaginal Gestrinone in Pentravan® in the Treatment of Endometriosis Pain

Authors: Maia H Jr, Haddad C, dos Santos Junior WSD, Pinheiro N, Silva Santos A and Coutinho A


Research Article

Laparoscopic Treatment of Endometriosis in the Recto-Sigmoid Bowel

Authors: Jens Kristensen and Jens Jørgen Kjer


Research Article

Immunohistochemical Evaluation of CXCL12/CXCR4 and Adiponectin in deep Infiltrating Endometriosis

Authors: Kim JY, Kang G, Kim HJ, Park K and Kim KS


Case Report

Congenital Choroid Plexus Papilloma of Right Ventricle Following Treatment with Phlebotonic during Pregnancy

Authors: Haller-Kikkatalo K and Õiglane-Šlik E


Review Article

Perinatal Outcomes of Children Born After Assisted Reproduction Technology: A Review

Authors: Liang Gao and Shen-min Yang


Research Article

The Effect of Erythropoietin on Salpingitis during Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Rats

Authors: Tsompos C, Panoulis C, ??utouzas K, ?ografos G and Papalois A


Mini Review

Oncogenic Risk of Endometriosis

Authors: Hernandez VMV, Rodriguez JMT and Aguilar VMV


Research Article

Impact on IVF Outcome Following Pre-IVF Hysteroscopy and Endometrial Scratching

Authors: Jayakrishnan K, Hazra NM and Nambiar D


Case Report

Wonderful Effects of Royal Jelly on Treatment of Male-Factor Related Infertility

Authors: Ahmadnia H, Sharifi N, Alizadeh S, Roohani Z, Kamalati A and Marjan SS


Review Article

Chemokines Modulate the Activity of Several Cells of the Immune System: Relationship with the Pathogenesis of Endometriosis

Authors: Bellelis P, Abrao MS, Baracat EC and Podgaec S


Review Article

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Metformin

Authors: Soyman Z, Demirel E and Kelekci S


Research Article

Sperm Disorders and Aetiologies of Male Infertility in Pakistan: Meta-Analyses and Review

Authors: Irfan M, Shabbir A, Raja GK, Kiyani AR and Ismail M


Case Report

Birth after Hysteroscopic Intrauterine Insemination at Labial Adhesion

Authors: Török P, Orosz L and Jakab A


Research Article

Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Sealing of Straw Containers can be Unsafe and Detrimental to Embryo Survival

Authors: Schiewe MC, Schiewe E, Vu VN, Zozula S and Anderson RE


Review Article

The Anonymous Epidemic

Authors: Stefanou E and Jo Ann F. Cummings


Review Article

Prohibitins in Reproduction- A Timeline

Authors: Chowdhury I, Thomas K and Thompson WE


Research Article

Insights into Coital Frequency: Whether Coital Frequency has any Impact on Male Sub-Fertility/Infertility

Authors: Malini SS, Kumar S and Sreenivasa G


Research Article

Aphrodisiac and Phytochemical Studies of Citrullus colocynthis L. Seed Extracts in Albino Rats

Authors: Chakraborty AK, Chandewar AV and Charde MS


Special Article - Endometriosis

Modified Virtual Colonoscopy in the Diagnosis and Quantification of Bowel Endometriosis

Authors: Kaplan M and Van der Wat J*


Special Article - New and Emerging Contraceptives

Sexual Coercion and Associated Factors among Female Private University Students in Bishoftu Town, East Shewa Ethiopia

Authors: Yemsrach KY, Aliye K, Bisrat ZS*, Robera OF


Published Manuscripts

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